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Introducing Gohippos Caring Movement

Gohippos is devoted to inspiring people to stay hydrated and care for the nature and people you love. Gohippos encourages taking good care of yourself and your loved ones and caring for nature.
We can start by being mindful about whether those around us get enough water each day, by stopping waste and saving the resources of the planet, and by making sustainable choices to create a greener world together.

At Gohippos caring movement our decisions are based on two core values:

Care for the People

Care for the Planet

Gohippos Caring Value

Care for the People

Keeping yourself hydrated is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our bottles have time marking and motivational quotes that will inspire you to drink more. Caring for your loved one by making sure they get enough water each day. We want you and your loved one to take every opportunity to move and remain hydrated. 


Care for the Planet

Using a reusable bottle will reduce your plastic footprint on the earth. To care for the planet by stopping waste and saving the planet's resources by making sustainable choices in your daily life.

Gohippos care for the environment and we want to support the cause to protect the environment and make Eco-Friendly decisions. Gohippos actively participate in Climate Friendly projects to care for the planet.


Introducing Caring Bottle for Your Loved one

At Gohippos, we care about you and your loved one. We are offering one free bottle for your loved one as part of our Caring movement. We want to support your loved ones by giving away motivational water bottles. We are committed to donating 1% of the bottles sold, via Facebook giveaways or donations. Join our Facebook page to get more information about the Caring Bottle as part of the Caring Movement initiative by Gohippos.

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